July 12, 2024


You might be that water, that blueness that is all, All we need for all – But oh! Over and over it is your nature, For like water, your beauty does not stop Your crashing, […]

Fishing for Boys

Dancing on, around or near to the ceiling, A slim, shapely lady. With her faceless silver, She is to and fro from me and she knows That I know her purpose. *** Lower, lower. Lower […]

Noses. Two noses, two little noses.

She opened her eyes, seeing her nose directly opposing his – almost, but not quite touching. Her breaths were shallow, as if even in sleep she had been aware of his proximity. She breathed through […]


given is that we were born, and that we were born of choice, the endless distances seem to grow when they should align. you bowed yourself until you became a symbol, a sign that was […]

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