March 2, 2024


Upon the hidden tombstone, A name now lain in moss, Had one time been a loved one, Been thought a tragic loss, He’d walked among the cornfields, Been hapless in the snow, He’d felt the […]

The Boxer

A right to the face, cheekbones are creaking, He stumbles, stutters and falls, His eyes are swollen, he’s taken a pounding, Never before in his brawls, The bell he hears ringing, sweet, brass relief, He […]

Chasing The Grand Slam

The roar of Dragons, Wales is in flame, Beast-like strength, fearsome on the field, Wearing red to hide the stains of blood Like Spartan troops they wear their colours proud, The smaller nation crushing England’s […]


Warfare A word with implications, Afflicting many nations, A darker side to humans, A side we can’t forget, Warfare keeps on spilling across the world and filling the hearts of its victims with fear, pain […]

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