July 12, 2024

Artist Interview – Claire Sharpe

Name: Claire Sharpe Location: Bristol Website: https://clairesharpe.co.uk/ Brief artists statement: My work is concerned with the built environments we all inhabit on a day to day basis and re-addressing the way we perceive them. Through […]

Artist Interview – Lee Gainer

  Name: Lee Gainer Location: Arlington, VA USA Website: https://www.leegainer.com/ Brief artists statement: I create works that explores how memories are constructed. How did you become an artist? Did you always dream of a life […]

Artist Interview – Town Hall Meeting

Name : Town Hall Meeting Location: New York City, NY                     Portland, Maine Website: https://townhallmeeting.info/ (Currently in Beta form, to be completed by mid 2012) Brief artists statement: We are two art historians who apply […]

Artist Interview – Jérôme Forsans

Name: Jérôme Forsans Location: Orthez, France. Website: https://www.jeromeforsans.com/ Brief artists statement: Naturally both sensitive and curious, I experience a lot of feelings due to my private life, as well as my confrontation to the globalized […]

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