November 29, 2021

The Sound of Stillness by Ryan Racine

The Sound of Stillness     The young boy strokes his grandmother’s slim hair as it becomes wedged in his finger nails.  He removes them one by one as the small room starts to reek […]

A model bank by Bernard King

The bank stood squarely in the centre, on the preferred side, of the Avenue Hoch. Even to Adrian, who was not a student of architecture, the pleasing dimensions of the structure added nothing, but a […]

Ode to Colilla

By the time Eduardo stumbled through the doors of his bedroom, daylight had already begun to cough its way through the streets of Bogota. She was asleep in a foetal position, her hands squeezed tightly […]

Phones aren’t us A play in three acts

Act 1 A hardware store in 1850. A gentleman walks in. The shopkeeper looks up. Shopkeeper: How may I help you? Gentleman: I’d like to buy a phone. Shopkeeper: You’d like to buy a what? […]

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