March 21, 2019

New ebook of urban short stories: Urban Shorts – free today

Urban shorts ebook published today!

The Flaneur’s first ebook of short stories, Urban Shorts is published today on Amazon. It is a collection of nine stories set in and around the city, from the following nine contemporary authors.

What you do by Adrian Paul
Getting to Amsterdam by Mary Fletcher
Pretty city by Richard Goldstein
Are you good to your mother? by Sophia Moseley
A Couple by Daniel Rivas Perez
Across the Great Divide by Jenna Byers
The Brand New Friend by KA Major
A man walking down a street by Stella Elena Alexandrova
Icon by Mark Wagstaff

To get the book visit:

Amazon UK: in the UK
and in the US.

You can also visit:

Amazon DE:
Amazon FR:
Amazon ES:
Amazon IT:

Urban shorts will be free to download for 48 hours from tomorrow, 29th June from 12:00 AM PST. Which is 8:00AM GMT. Which is 9:00AM BST.

If you want to find out more about the authors please visit this forum.

How you can help!

There are several ways in which you can help spread the word about our new ebook.

You can mention it with a link to this page or the Amazon site on your Facebook or Twitter account.

You could tell a friend – yes, in real life. Sounds crazy but it works!

You could even leave a review on your local Amazon site.



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