October 20, 2021

Are We Broken?

Are We Broken?

I walked down the street the other day

I noticed a man with one arm in a wheelchair struggling up a hill.

A while later I saw a mother with a child handout pleading.

Carrying on looking straight ahead I was stopped by a girl selling a magazine. Refusing I walked on.

At home I watched the news.

Two murders

Three deaths

A car crash

And an accident!

I switched it off not fazed, no feelings stirred, no empathy.

A shocking revelation?


Just a normal day… What kind of society are we living in?

Are WE broken?

4 Comments on Are We Broken?

  1. Maybe dwelling on the negative too much. Too much of one thing always stagnates.

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  2. I liked this purely because it shows your empathy and sadly, there is not enough of that about these days!!! Yes, as the other comment mentioned, it is in the `negative` but if we dont write about these things, then sometimes this ugly world becomes ingrained into us and we do not notice the pain and broken-ness anymore. Sue x

  3. I like the way you’re not judgemental in this piece of writing. Even you walk by and ignore the folk who might be needing help. Is it that we are all too busy to help, or too sanitised to care. Make sure you get the latest iPad, but don’t worry about that old woman who lives next door; the one you haven’t seen for a few days. I’m not sure it’s a ‘modern society’ problem, but it does exist.

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