July 12, 2024

Artist Interview – Alicia Haberman

Alicia Haberman

Name: Alicia Haberman
Location: Originally from NY. Recently moved to LA.
Website: https://www.seductionkills.com

Brief artists statement:
My illustration is visual stream of conscious. Everything is tied together, but what you see at first glance isn’t necessarily what it seems.

How did you become an artist?
I’ve always been an artist in the sense that I enjoy and feel the need to create. Whether it be drawings, films, photos or even halloween costumes. It’s all equally rewarding to me. 

How has your education helped your career?
While I studied Graphic Design at the School of Visual Arts I worked at a production company. Over time I discovered that I could tie in my graphic background with film as a scenic designer. I think in most cases, education and industry experience are equally important.


Do you work as an artist full-time?
Well, that’s the goal. I’m a freelance scenic artist for film and tv. Basically I design any on-set or promo graphics like backdrops, signage, props, etc. The illustration on https://theconsciousink.blogspot.com is mostly personal work, aside from the occasional poster or album cover.

Which historical and contemporary artists do you refer to most often? How are you influenced by their work?
Alphonse Mucha and Hapshash & the Coloured Coat (Michael English and Nigel Waymouth). Aesthetically their work is just gorgeous. They all use feminine and organic themes, and sometimes offset them with surreal or dark imagery. There’s something dreamy about each piece that draws you in.

What are the other influences on your work? 
I’m usually inspired by music or dreams. Sometimes I start with one strong idea, but often the first few drawings will dictate where a piece will go.

Alicia Haberman

What has been your most significant accomplishment in the “art-world” at this point in your career?
It’s always been significant to me when people can relate to my work. It’s become much more apparent how important that is to me, now that the response is growing.


Big Machine

Do you have any tips or advice you wish you had known earlier in your career?
You can try everything, but specialize in something. I’m interested in so many facets of art, music and writing that I could get caught in being a jack-of-all-trades. That’s just the nature of creative people. I don’t think I’m alone in that but it can end up hurting your career if you don’t focus on one area.

Do you have a quotation that you keep coming back to and that keep you going? Have you a motto that gets you through?
Usually it’s ‘If I’m not the perfect example, I’m the warning.‘ I have high expectations for myself, so it reminds me to learn from my experiences and mistakes.


Do you use social networks? if so, how and which ones do you find most useful?
I do, they’re great tools for artists to gain exposure and update their audience about new work. I only recently started using twitter, but I enjoy how simple and straight forward it is. Facebook is amazing but I’m a little more wary about giving too much information to a company that can recognize my face through grainy photo.

Which artist should we all look up immediately?
Phil Kutno is an artist I’ve met numerous times at music festivals. Everyone should check him out. His drawings are so intricate I could look at them for hours.

What art magazines, blogs or sites should art lovers be looking at?
I love Hi-Fructose Magazine. They showcase phenomenal artists and galleries. https://50Watts.com pulls inspiration from obscure and historical archives, and https://IPaintMyMind.org features talented lesser-known artists.

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