June 20, 2024

Escape – a poem by Peter Bouvier

Don’t say a word, just come with me,
Let’s leave tonight, let’s go!
No need to pack, no need to plan,
And no-one needs to know.
Let’s not look before we leap,
Let fate say where we land –
Running naked through the fields,
Or rolling on the sand.
Let’s make love beneath the sun
And stars of foreign lands
Let’s speak other languages
that no-one understands.
Let’s dance at night by firelight,
To release all that’s inside.
Get up, make haste, no time to waste,
Let’s ride and ride and ride…
I’m Peter Bouvier. I live in a tiny village in the Sierra Nevada hills in Southern Spain where I work as a freelance writer and social media specialist. One of my clients is the Hotel los Berchules. It’s a lovely life.

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