February 26, 2024

Why am I telling you this? Sign up for next year’s New Year’s Day concert in Vienna NOW!

Why am I telling you this?! It will only ruin my chances of getting a ticket!

The window for registering for tickets for the 2014 New Year Concert by the Vienna Philharmonic is only open until 23rd of January. So if you want to go click here  and sign up. The concert has been performed annually since 1939 in the Grosse Saal of the Musikverein in Vienna. For any music lovers it is a don’t-miss occasion, so much so that the BBC show the whole concert at lunchtime and repeat highlights in the evening. There are not many concerts that get such treatment, and it is owing to the pleasing Strauss music and the sense of occasion that the Austrians are so good at creating.

The Grosse Saal is decorated with flowers that are flown from San Remo in Italy and it is the dream of almost everyone I have ever met to spend at least one New Year’s Day in Vienna listening to the sublime music and enjoying the atmosphere. If you like the Blue Danube or the Radetzky March then you’ll love this concert.

Click here to sign up for the drawing of tickets for 2014

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