June 20, 2024

Who got freebie Olympic tickets from the government? Was it ever thus or has self-benificence gone too far?

Documents disclosed today show the names of people who received free tickets from the government to the sporting shindig held in London last year. No doubt many of the dignitaries and foreign guests were invited to show off, display Britain to the world and as a reward for helping to put the Olympics on. However it is hard to see why some of the guests were invited.

Why were the the governor of Bank of England and the Cabinet Secretary each given a pair of free £2012 tickets to the Opening Ceremony? Why did the Minister for the Cabinet Office have to go to the Beach Volleyball? Why was the head of Google given a free ticket? With Opening ceremony tickets costing £2012 why were so many politicians allowed to go?

Many on the lists of free tickets to the actual sporting events appear to be those receiving the fillip of a well-deserved reward. But amongst them are the names of yet more politicians who would appear to have little to do with the running of the games.

Was it ever thus or has this state of self-benificence got worse in living memory? Comments below please.

Read the lists of who got Olympic Freebies yourself here





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