June 22, 2024

Recipe: Spanish rice broth

 I want to share with you a recipe that my mother taught me. I live in a region where the rice is one of the most popular meals. This is an easy way to eat healthy with a complete dish. These are the ingredients that I used for a 4 people recipe:

400gr of meat (I used chicken and rabbit, but you can use only chicken if you prefer)

450gr of green beans and a kind of big white beans. (In my case I used a prepared frozen mix of vegetables that normally is used for paella and we can buy it at the supermarket, I’ll put a photo so you’ll can see what I mean) 

Olive oil


Mash tomato (If it’s a natural tomato it’s better than canned tomato)


Colouring (Be careful because if you splash yourself with it you’re going to be yellow for some days)

A glass of rice


This recipe it’s quite similar to paella’s recipe as we used almost the same ingredients. At the end it’ll taste quite similar, but the process it’s different and that will be explained other day. 

First of all, put the meat in a pan and add some oil. Sauté the meat and before it’s completely done, add the vegetables. Cook it all just for a minute and add 3 tablespoonful of tomato and pour water in the pan until it covers all. 

Let it boil in normal fire and when it stars boiling, turn it into a low fire. Let it boil in this low fire until the meat and the vegetables are well cooked. At the end, the meat should be so tender that you can cut the meat almost without a knife. Add the salt (as much as you like) and the colouring. Stir and mix them all and turn the fire off. 


Now you have the broth and you can froze it or add some rice or noodles. In my case I used rice. To make the rice or the noodles, you just have to add them when it’s boiling. 

At the end you’ll have a plate of rice with all the vitamins and proteins that a complete dish should have. And it looks like this: 


I hope you like it and find it easy and delicious. 

by Maria Garrido Zafra.

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