June 13, 2024

The dream scenarios of Clare Rosean

Joyride by Clare Rosean

Where my real life anxieties, phobias, and compulsions are acted out in dream scenarios is where I find my most inspiration. The pieces here belong to different phases of my development, and consequently they each belong to their own particular series. All of my work is narrative; allow me to briefly describe the narrative in each piece:

Joyride by Clare Rosean

“Joy Ride”: Guinevere, a carefree coquette, is shown here riding in the back seat of a convertible (without wearing a seatbelt!) while her boyfriends drive recklessly down a seemingly deserted street.

The Shakedown by Clare Rosean

“The Shakedown”: It is Halloween, and Klaus is getting the shakedown from a brutish neighborhood punk. Meanwhile, his delicate friend Christopher is bieng chased by a pit bull.

Bag Man by Clare Rosean

“Bag Man”: Bag Man is the airport man who tells you what to do with your suitcase. He warns me as I push mine into the square vacuum, but it is too late.


Images and Text © Clare Rosean, 2011.

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