August 11, 2022

Pleasantry of Pageantry

“Friday again” My mind utters

Already making my way

To the bar I’ve allocated

For friends and I to play

And experience all things fated

In its halls; loud and cluttered


Reintroduced to calmness

My tongue drowned in suds

Hands wish for one to caress

As my heart slows its thuds


Surely, an array of candidates

If my eyes were sole deciders

But beyond such fair skin awaits

So much untold inside her


No, I must not seek or hunt

For a woman; my liking shown

To track by marks, scents, and grunts

Would only send me home alone


I think it better to wait

For connections, profound to form

Than to screen and concentrate

On every bee in the swarm


So I recite mentally

Through beauty, grace, and guile

“The pleasantry of pageantry;

Shit hidden with a smile”

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