June 13, 2024

Your Essence

Is that a leaf or a cobra’s back? You’ve stashed yourself in, Green and venous A bract to your flower Pinned close; ensnaringly To shroud your venom -your essence I fear your  pull no longer

A Mind In The Sky

I finally greet takeoff The wait has been long enough As my weight is taken outside of nature’s pattern And flippantly made lesser or greater The faces worn by those around me       […]

The Pressing Wait

Hot sips of tea I sit n’ wait for you With cold arms & buckled knees I sit n’ wait for you Same ole, you’re-late-again I sit n’ wait for you When will this waitin’ […]

Pleasantry of Pageantry

“Friday again” My mind utters Already making my way To the bar I’ve allocated For friends and I to play And experience all things fated In its halls; loud and cluttered . Reintroduced to calmness […]

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