July 12, 2024

10 reasons Apple products are not the best choice for creatives

I know you’ve got a Mac. I know you’ve always bought Macs. Yes we’ve all been brainwashed into thinking that we’re creative so we have to use a Mac. But it’s time to realise that this is just not true. I know you think they’re cool and shiny and beautifully tactile. But do they actually make your life easier? Do they do what they are supposed to do, and do it well, or are they living on past glories?

First let’s debunk the biggie. Yes, it’s true, Macs don’t have so many viruses as Windows PCs. That’s because they are relatively so few of them. There’s nothing innate in the Mac that makes it so virus-free. Moving on. Here are the ten reasons why Apple products are not the best choice for creatives.

1.Apple control everything. Everything. That might have been OK for bringing up warriors in Sparta, but these are computers not trained killers. If you want to, let’s say, access the photos on your camera…that’s easy isn’t it? Yes, if you don’t mind accessing everything through Apple programs. Want the freedom to easily copy a set of photos to a back up disc? Good luck to you.

2. You want to choose what you put on your iPhone. Fine. You want to choose what you put on your iPhone when you are away from home? On a different computer? You want to plug it in to another computer and just add a file? Good luck to you.

3. It’s Apple’s way or the highway. You want to write an app? Better hope that Apple approve of it or you’re going to get nowhere. Very slowly.

4. Apple products are over-priced. Full stop. That would be fine if they lasted longer, but they don’t because…

5. Apple products are under-spec’ed. Want to get an Apple with the same spec as a top-of-the-range PC? Good luck to you.

6. Apple products are virtually un-expandable. Want to add some extra memory? You should be OK. Anything else? Good luck to you.

7. They still crash and hang. The beach ball of doom is not a figment of the imagination.

8. Apple have done a great job of making you think that when you buy a Mac you haven’t just bought a computer, you have been inducted into some great cult of super-intelligence where even the shop assistants are called geniuses. You haven’t.

9. Whose data is it anyway? The way Apple hide your access to your own information is almost monomaniacal.

10. The choice of software is limited. Still.

So there you have it. Ten reasons why creatives should not buy Macs. I hope that it will make you think again before handing over your cash. I’m writing this on my trusty MacBook. I don’t know if that affects anything. It’s just so white and shiny and…

7 Comments on 10 reasons Apple products are not the best choice for creatives

  1. ‘You want to choose what you put on your iPhone. Fine. You want to choose what you put on your iPhone when you are away from home? On a different computer? You want to plug it in to another computer and just add a file? Good luck to you.’ < this has been my biggest apple gripe for years – every other mp3 player in the world can operate through windows explorer – not the ipod, obviously. great post!

  2. Hatred. I can’t stand opinion writings without the competitor introduction. This must of been written by an IBM consultant.

  3. You are so right! Get a PC and stop listening to people’s “BS” about the seriously and VERY WRONG fact that you NEED an Apple/Adobe setup to be graphically creative. Yeah right! In the 31 years of being a “closet” digital artist (not making money) but constantly learning and TRYING to change people attitudes, you CAN be MUCH MORE creative by having access to hundreds of FREEWARE programs to explore ALL the available free tools to do so. The situation in my community (K-W, Ontario) is really pathetic, because the local college blatantly refuses to change there attitudes, curriculum and switch over to Windows/PC setups and to ALLOW to people to actually get jobs, which is not actually happening in K-W. In the past twenty years I have now met numerous people taking the local college (3-Year) graphics program and end up broke, a huge debt and Apple/Adobe skills that are actually PREVENTING people from be even more creative because of the VERY SMALL NUMBER of applications to “play” with. Due to other people’s destructive attitudes towards people that would like to become digital artists/graphics designers, I decided to start a little website called 3D2GO (my Blog?) to pass around the fact to ALL the young people, YOU don’t have to be a “MacDobeDummy” and broke, too. I have been trying for 15 years to find Windows/PC people to collaborate with and start a “basic” 3D Modeling/Animation business, and hope to “Grow”, but unfortunately CAN’T because the local college keeps “pumping out” people with extremely limited skills. Due to all these true facts I have just stated, I have started a little website (3d2go.webs.com) to hopefully get people (in K-W) to get CREATIVE! This little blog, is a listing of every freeware graphics I have on my computer and use for my personal enjoyment, and the few graphical things I do as a graphics volunteer. So decide, do you want to be broke, heavily in debt, no jobs prospects (after school) because you NEED 3-5 years and a computer with hardly ANY software on it. Get real people, and use a PC with the hundreds programs that are freely available to anyone. I do and I’m about to go Pro, with the main software that I use, and that’s Bryce by DAZ 3D, which is currently Free along with DAZ Studio AND HEXAGON. With Bryce 7 Pro YOU CAN create ANY artwork, only limited to your imagination and current knowledge of said program. You decide whether you want to be graphically limited and “held back” by being a “McDobeDummie” or become a freelance digital artist/designer using a PC/Windows with the hundreds of amazing free tools, especially one that I just started learning how to use, BLENDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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