February 26, 2024

Does one ride or drive a Segway? Segwaying round Silverstone

Silverstone had laid on some fun attractions to entertain the crowds who descended on the circuit for the FIAWEC World Endurance Championship. First up was some off-road segwaying, courtesy of Segway Events. The last time I considered Segwaying was in Rome when I saw a Segway sight-seeing trip around the city. I didn’t take up the offer as half of the fun of cities is wandering around them, but when I saw the hi-tech machines at Silverstone I had to have a go. Sean talked me through the basics and after kitting myself out with various protective items including a helmet I was soon jerking around like a man uncertain whether to go forward or back. It wasn’t that I was uncertain – all I was trying to do was stand still. Oddly it seems that standing still is the hardest part of the Segway experience.

IMG 0052

Sean demonstrates the art of the Segway

After a few minutes it does become easier, although maybe that was because I was riding a special off-road X2 Segway with large tyres to cope with the effects of the British Weather on grass.¬†There was an inflatable course to ride round, as well as a coned out area for beginners to learn the basics. I managed not to fall off, which I regard as a triumph and I left the Segway with all limbs intact and a realisation that it was a good job I hadn’t rented one in Rome last summer. If learning in a field in Northamptonshire is tricky, the idea of learning in Trastevere is madness.

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