February 26, 2024

The not so wise owl

Oscar had achieved much during his life. He caught more worms than any other Owl. He even helped the ‘cranky crows’ as they were commonly known in this neighbourhood and when father crow hurt his foot, he supplied a big enough food fund to erase anyones worries. But all is not as it seems and no matter how thoughtful Oscar may appear it was all a front because he simply wanted to be the most popular bird there is. The Owl that everyone knew and the real Owl, were two very different people, to the point that when one of the old bats flew past his pent house tree lodge she looked twice, turned around and flew back for a closer look. She was so taken a back that she said out loud; “how very very odd, I’m quite certain  Oscar lives alone and what ghastly clothing…. must be a relative!”

To paint a clearer picture the Owl that everyone knew looks like this. He wears a tweed  waistcoat at all times. In the right-hand pocket there is a pocket watch, and a hanky in the left. Glasses on his head which bizarrely he never use’s and a pipe that was never ignited has a permanent place under his left wing. Now the real Owl wore a white baggy T-shirt with constant bean juice on it (strange really because Owls don’t eat beans) and not to mention the unsightly gold chain. When inside his humble abode he would often be wondering around wingeing about all the errands that he had to do for the less capable, all so that he could stay in his penthouse which had been awarded him by the council for his kindness and consideration towards others and with the written oath of long may it continue. He took some bakewell’s around to Harriet the hedgehogs. The Owl that everyone knew would have taken four,however when purchased he was in his real Owl mode so only took three (well you’ve got to look after number one). When he left Harriets he made sure not to leave empty-handed and took some delightful crockery that he might be able to flog for a good price. Owl’s penthouse bore a striking resemblance to Aladdins cave. From all the errands he had taken part in in the last year although not physically but underneath all his clothing he was always the real Owl. Always thinking about what he could gain from a situation to improve his life. When the sad reality is he had gained nothing by taking what didn’t belong to him. The magpies had to work ten times harder without the gold chain to live off and by pretending to be nice to his so called friends he was merely establishing false friendships that only reflected on his character. However Oscar continued his collecting spree although he knew he was doing something wrong.

Then one day which so happened to be a Thursday but felt like a Friday. The old bats elder sister, old-old bat flew past the penthouse and was nearly blinded by the glimmering lights. “What on earth is that” she said “why never in my life did I ever see such a thing!” Not knowing what to do she hurried home in haste and told her sister at once. Who replied with: “why darling maybe he just keeps the sun in there.” They disputed but eventually agreed that either way it seemed very odd indeed and they decided to look together. This time not only did they see the bright shiny glimmer from inside the wardrobe but also Miss Magpies chain around an unfamiliar looking Owl who appeared to be admiring his riches. The old bats began tapping on the window almost immediately and shouting at the Owl demanding an explanation. He turned to the window in utter shock then in a desperate hope that he wouldn’t be recognised. The bats refused to give up and gnawed their way through the glass (they had frightfully sharp teeth for bats).

Owl confessed all over a cup of PG stating; how he just wanted to be loved, and thought highly of but he never got anything back. The old old bat told him that appreciation comes in a variety of forms and not always within immediate response to your kind hearted ways: “we all live and learn Oscar”. Exactly a week later Oscar the Owl no longer lived in a pent house tree lodge but under a fallen tree trunk with nothing but his tweed jacket and pocket watch for company. Maybe this Owl was now a little wiser and he could start becoming the owl that everyone knew.

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