January 31, 2023

When Style met Sassy

Yo Sassy- Fishnet Back seam tights

Saving for a pair of Levi’s that has become the most popular snap on Instagram is a perfect example when it comes to following fashion fads. Jumping on bandwagons to keep up with the latest trends is understandable, some people want to feel involved in crazes and fashion is a way to go!

These stylish splurges may sound appealing but instead of focusing on how you look, what about how fashion can make you feel on the inside too? We’re talking fashion fulfilment in the long term; and this is where ‘Yo Sassy’ comes in!

Yo Sassy- Fishnet Back seam tights
Yo Sassy- Fishnet Back seam tights

Combine the flirty fun of La Senza with the sultry tone of Ann Summer’s; without the additional spice to rival the 50 shades saga! ‘Yo Sassy’ is an online store selling some of the sassiest products aimed at the feistiest and vivacious of women. Not only do we hope to fill their needs and provide stock to match their sparkling personalities, one of our aims is to help women develop their confidence and feel sexy and attractive on a day to day basis.

From sheer stockings, to fishnets, hosiery and suspenders we have a variety of products that will have you stocking up out of sheer excitement! (See what we did there!) If you do make a purchase, it’s all about dressing right to make sure you feel confident and comfortable wherever your heading or whatever your plans maybe. When preparing for the school run, there’s nothing more uncomfortable than grabbing the laciest stockings known to man and giving the fellow parents a very saucy greeting.

Yo Sassy- Sheer stockings
Yo Sassy- Sheer stockings

To avoid these fashion mishaps, our selection caters to everyday wear, special occasions and even those moments saved for afterhours! Our ‘Luxury opaque tights’ or ‘Better than bare tights’ are a couple of pieces designed to get you through the day and provide everyday chic to your look; complete with a sexy sheer fabric to keep you feeling fabulous. If you’re searching for something a bit more naughty and nice whether for fancy dress or simply to treat your man, our maid sets and sexy nurse piece are definitely the way to go!

Let’s face it; it doesn’t take a great deal of confidence to pull on a pair of jeans. Yet, opting for some stockings doesn’t come as easy to a lot of women and an equal amount of confidence is required if you want to work them to perfection, otherwise what would be the point in them at all! What’s in fashion maybe appealing to many fashionistas, however, it’s sites like ‘Yo Sassy’ that will always aim to dig a little deeper to the needs of certain women. Especially those who long to purchase those Levi’s, with an extra desire to team them over stockings to give a bit more wiggle to their walk!

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