March 21, 2023

EP review :: World Wild – Caribbean Gold

World Wild - a.k.a Jarrad Lee Jackson
World Wild – a.k.a Jarrad Lee Jackson

I can’t wait to see World Wild performing at a summer festival this year. Somewhere that the sun beats down over straw hats, mates holding plastic cups of beer, and good vibes everywhere. Believe me, it’s where this dude and his band belongs.

Beyond festivals, this debut E.P. will likely be heard blaring out of car speakers heading for the beach – that’s what Caribbean Gold is all about. Surf, sun, fun, love and freedom. It’s seven infectious synth-pop songs that you just can’t help feel happy listening to, making you want to jump up and get out into the sun.

The man behind the music is Jarrad Lee Jackson, and he just might be Australia’s answer to George Micheal. Hopefully he won’t take that as an insult, because it’s not – it’s just that almost every track is so heavily reminiscent of that gorgeous young WHAM! voice. Vocally, Jackson has a great strenght and depth of range, showcasing it beautifully in “Poolside”. It just oozes youth and sexiness, much like the young Micheal – back when he was cool.

The musical style also bears a striking resemblance to funky 80s dance/pop at times, such as in “Physical”, and “Jungle Kids”- along with throwbacks to many of the other influences Jackson cites, such as MGMT, Devo, and others.

For pure pop lovers, “Holidaze” is going to be a big winner. Almost guaranteed to be a commercial radio hit, it’s got a super-cute girl-vs-boy duet that will suit many a dance floor, no matter what the scene. The lyrics can get a little generic at times, but it matters very little, since they’re not the focus of the songs. Big beats, cool tunes and an overall retro dance feel are what counts here – and all those elements are high calibre, with spotless production values.

This is a very strong debut release. World Wild’s future movements are definitely worth keeping on your radar.

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