February 26, 2024


Wild West Seeps Into My Writing

I must admit that being aware of so many Festivals around the world inspires me to write. I even wrote a Short. It’s about 2 brothers who have a Wild West shootout on their late grandmother’s ranch, on the morning of her 100th Birthday if she were still alive. The Western-style theme has appeared in previous screenplays I have written, including a sort of modern day version of BUTCH CASSIDY & THE SUNDANCE KID, as if Butch and Sundance were alive and well and living in Southern California. How will the screenplays do? I haven’t a clue, but will keep you updated. By the way, I’ve entered 17 Film Fests in the UK alone.


  1. 17?!!! That’s amazing! Here’s a tip for you: if you go to Circleville, UT Butch Cassidy’s cabin and barn are still there. The owner is very nice about allowing people to take photos of it. Also close by is Red Canyon where Cassidy & Sundance used to frequent. Might be an inspiration for you. Good luck and hope to see you and Darcy soon.


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