February 26, 2024

I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly…

NINA Heeled Jelly Sandals - Topshop

With summer soon approaching, there is  a plethora of trends to try your hand at. Amongst the usual suspects of nautical, pastels and romance, there are also the micro-trends. The small crazes that crop up soon to be labelled as a fad, or something we should have tried much sooner. For every peter pan collar, there is the jelly shoe. That’s right, the jelly shoe.

During a routine browse of Topshop, in between the ballet pumps and gladiator sandals, a small section was adorned with the shoe. In both pink and black versions, they resemble the pair most of us wore during various seaside excursions. Back then, they were considered cool but now, is it one nostalgia trip too many? Sure Chanel put the clog back on the fashion map and Alexa Chung is still donning her faithful dungarees, yet the jelly shoe leaves me unsure…

Initially, I felt compelled to shoot down the notion. Living a short train ride from London, where was I going to wear such a thing? Though if you think about it, we could all grow to love it. The chunky mid-heel. The school shoe-esque buckles. The perfectly rounded toe. I think the jelly shoe may have just won me over.  Baby, can you handle this?

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