December 8, 2023

The Camel Coat Story

Ever since the Autumn, I’ve been seeing this man. It started on a really cold morning at 5.55am. He was waiting for the same tube as I; he got off at the same stop, changed tubes, and then got off again at the same stop as me. I would always see him every time I got the tube on that day at that time.
  I don’t usually notice people, but I noticed his coat. It looked expensive and I liked it. It’s a rare thing to see a man pull off camel.
  I started seeing this man all the time, everywhere, several times a week without fail.
OMG?! What if M15 are following me? Well their surveillance leaves a lot to be desired because I’ve noticed! Ha!
It began to become awkward as we both realised that we saw each other a lot.
   Today I finally found out what he does for a living. He’s a barrister, we causally bumped into each other outside the Royal Courts of Justice.
        And we were on the same tube this evening.

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