May 28, 2024

May 2013 – a month of performance art in Berlin

Breakfast in the sun, panic at brunch and get-together in the evening 

From May 1 – 31, 2013 over 150 performance artists from 20 different countries are bursting forth into Berlin. More than 110 performances at 60 different locations throughout Berlin will wow audiences over the whole month.

“We are particularly pleased to have managed to attract again such high class performers and exciting projects for the third edition of MPA-B,” said project manager, Francesca Romana Ciardi, “this helps us to draw attention to the lively, but often overlooked, performance art scene in the city and it allows us to promote the work this thriving community is doing.” “With so many different performances taking place within the framework of the MPA-B we invite Berliners and their guests to experience an incredible breadth of artistic expressions and to immerse themselves in a fascinating dialogue with the artists,” adds Florian Feigl, responsible for the MPA-B’s performance art report.

MPA-B is not only a showcase for the work of independent Berlin performance artists, but with its growing reputation is attracting more and more international artists and their projects to the city. 2013 sees a new addition to the programme: The Curatorial Collaboration Initiative (CCI) – a group of 23 curators, whose performance projects are among this year’s highlights. The integration of the CCI will contribute to developing the whole programme, via both innovation and critique; in establishing new formats for performance art and in furthering the discussion of performance art as a cultural phenomenon. Another highlight will be a repeat of last year’s success, the MPA OPEN, the performance art marathon. From May 10-12 there will be a 48-hour marathon of performance art, where visitors can discover and be carried away by the most diverse of performances.

Most of the MPA-B events are free and open to all. The programme consists of workshops, talks, screenings, site-specific actions, Happenings, one-of-a-kind public interactions and interactions in artists’ studios, galleries and museums; theatres and clubs, and other unusual or unexpected places such as former breweries and people’s apartments.

The MPA-B is not a festival. There is neither an artistic director nor an annual theme and it is not an initiative for performing arts. The MPA-B is conceptualised as a platform for contemporary, independent and experimental performance art. As the only performance art project of its kind in Germany the MPA-B has been showing and celebrating the breadth and diversity of performance art every year since May 2011. It also continues to use the most eclectic and diverse locations throughout the city.

All facts about MPA-B and the complete program can be found at

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