July 12, 2024

Nothing is Forever – if you’re in Ljubljana’s @MAO_Slovenia #slovenia

The only permanent thing in life is constant change.

The group exhibition entitled Nothing Is Forever is dedicated to contemporary practices in media art. After having been engaged in ongoing research on the status of the media image and the [visual] distortion of viewer’s perception over the past few years, three artists and artist groups, originally from Slovenia but working internationally, will present their recent projects in which the mediated image gradually transitions into factual matter. The mediated image is thus supplemented or replaced by first-hand experience. 


Photo: Aljaž Celarc, In Vivo, 2016

The work of Aljaž Celarc, Klemen Ilovar & Dan Adleši?, focuses on the idea of the transitory, volatile and ephemeral, all of which represent distinctive responses to the state of affairs in the contemporary society. The only permanent thing in life is constant change. Nothing is forever, everything is in motion. This idea of the exhibition refers to the creative practices of the featured artists, who are constantly on the lookout for new solutions and who refuse to settle for established conventions; but it also relates to never ending natural and social processes of formation, change and disappearance. The exhibition will thus showcase three spatial interventions relating to the perception and organisation of the living environment, be it natural or artificial.

Curator: Miha Colner


The exhibition will be open 18 May (6pm) until 25 June 2017

Gallery hours: Tuesday-Sunday, 10am-6pm

Museum of Architecture and Design
Pot na Fužine 3
1000 Ljubljana





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