May 28, 2024

Segway Polo should be in the Olympics – the iconic 21st century sport

Technology is always creating new methods to do this and that. Usually though it’s just more ways to watch TV or if you’re lucky, a remote control to find your slippers. But now technology has allowed the creation of a whole new sport. Segway polo is the iconic 21st century sport and should be in the next Olympics. The campaign starts here. Its popularity should rival football. Even cricket should watch out.


Stockholm Woz Cup, 2012

Guess where in the world Segway polo began. It was not the manicured lawns of England. You will not be amazed to hear it was in the San Francisco Bay Area. 2004 was the year when it was first played and it had its first World Championship (or Woz Cup) in 2006 in Auckland, New Zealand. The 7th annual Woz Cup was played in Stockholm, Sweden in 2012.  The Balver Mammuts from Germany are the current World Champions.


Stockholm Woz Cup, 2012

Segway Polo is a growing sport with teams in the US, Germany, Sweden, Lebanon, Barbados, Austria, Finland and New Zealand with more being added all the time. Teams have five players each and each game lasts for four 8 minute chukkers. There is now a governing body for the sport and a set of official rules, although as befits such a new sport, they are ‘in a continual state of development.’

The 2013 Woz Cup will be held in Washington DC. If anyone wants to enter a team get in touch!

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