February 27, 2024

Classic Movie: Jurassic Park – The Godfather of Family Movies

by Robert Lucas

I’ll start early. I love Jurassic Park. It’s probably one of my favourite films ever. This isn’t a review, this is 400 words of praise for a movie we all love together.

You can take any one element from Jurassic Park, or quote and people recognise it. From the musical score to the logo everything in Jurassic Park is now iconic. Jurassic Park is the Godfather of family movies. It created overnight starts of its cast and secured Steven Spielberg’s right to be called one of the greatest directors of all time.

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If I had to compare Jurassic Park to just one other film it would be Aliens. In that we are given a moral creature (in this case the dinosaurs) and a real life threat in Dennis (the real villain). This is how we want our movies, it tells us ultimately that man creates his own hell – the story through cinema and entertainment since the beginning. We are responsible for this horror we have created, no matter what it is.

Jurassic Park is flawless, I can’t think of a single criticism. Every scene has Spielberg’s exceptional eye for framing and conciseness, the script is witty and intelligent, the actors are on point and perfect, what more could you want?

And then we come to the dinosaurs themselves, when we are first shown one of the beast in all its glory we forget logic, we forget everything. We don’t remember that it’s just a man in a suit or a ball on a stick that was added in after. No we sacrifice our brains because we are compelled by what we are shown in front of us. Here is a film that made a world believe that dinosaurs could be real.

It is a true credit to Spielberg and his team that even now the special effects hold up.

What more can I say? Here is a film that made Samuel L. Jackson famous. Here is a movie that had comedy perfectly blended with action and drama. It had an ending no one could have predicted and would go down in cinema history as one of the greatest. Ever.

Perfect. A classic and can still devour most of the competition even today.



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