February 24, 2024

Red Hot Chilean Cabernet


Novas Cabernet Merlot, 2007, Chile. £8.99 (prices may vary with stockist)

Chile is virtually perfect for growing grapes and has an ace up its sleeve for being free from phylloxera, a malevolent little bug that has caused no end of problems the world over. This blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot should be enough to convince anyone that Chile has truly arrived. Reassuringly dark in the glass, the nose is equally intense, with blackcurrants by the bunch, cedar and bay leaves. So enticing and hypnotic is the nose that I wanted to linger there longer than is considered acceptable. If I could splash this on myself and wear it as a perfume, I would, were it not for the problem of being stalked by hordes of insects. When you finally get round to drinking, it certainly lives up to expectations – spices, voluptuous fruit and hints of mint all mingle and balance to create a classy, proper and downright yummy wine.

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  1. This is indeed a lovely unwinding wine… I have the Santa Rita 2010 Merlot to try tonight in comparison 🙂

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