May 28, 2024

Writing Plays For London Theatre

Do I Have the Goods?

Okay, I know I’m not Shakespeare. But I do have Original Plays making the rounds in London. Yes. The Old Red Lion Theatre is reading my latest offering now, but I’m worried their stage is too small and the budget not big enough to accommodate the 8 actors I need, not to mention some tweens mingling around in one of the middle scenes. But as strange as this may seem, I am having more luck with Literary Directors in the UK than those in the USA. Why? Who knows. I will admit however that certain UK venues require that submissions come from UK playwrights, so it’s not all rosy. I will keep you posted if I make any inroads into the UK Scene. What happened to me was I wrote all these screenplays for Hollywood, mostly because I nearly sold one and was certain FAME was just around the corner. Not. So I went back to an old computer with Appleworks files and downloaded them, with the thought I’d convert a few to plays. It wasn’t easy, but I did. I even split one of the screenplays into two separate plays, which are now making the rounds. Time will tell if that pays off. More later….

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  1. My first play was produced at the Secret Theatre’s 2016 One Act Festival in New York. I am heading to Helsinki and Stockholm this September to lecture about writing. Meet me for a drink!

  2. Congrats big bro! David and I are excited for you and hope all pans out. BTW, the couple who bought our Florida house are from the U.K.!!!!

  3. I moved to London three years ago, to pursue this endeavour; foolhardy. Keep writing, write anything, write when you don’t want to, and all that. You always feel that words are never worth keeping, but they are not so easily found. I’ll keep an eye on your progress. Writer to Writer. L x

  4. Thanks for your comment! Did you have any success in the US or another country before moving? I’m actually considered an ’emerging writer’ in the playwriting genre, and it was a struggle just getting a Letter of Reference. My interest in England is because my roots are in Nelson. All best!

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