December 7, 2023

Meet Karen Shidlo, Co Owner of Jester Jacques Art


I studied painting, and I am still in love with it, I find that helping other artists is satisfying and fulfilling enough that I don’t feel any regret for not pursuing my own artistic career.

I have always loved to work ‘behind the scenes,’ in New York – setting up exhibitions, doing the boring tasks with pleasure because I knew that once everything was ready, I would feel enormous pride in knowing I was a part of something amazing. I worked at an art agency and a fashion agency, a brilliant art gallery in NYC and a roving pop up company here in London before opening Jester Jacques.

I live in East London, so I get to be right in the middle of a creative hub, which is very exciting on a personal level too. I get really inspired by the street art, exhibitions and innovative businesses around here. I firmly believe in supporting local, small businesses, so enjoy all the little shops around Brick Lane.

My plans for Jester Jacques include doing a T Shirt line with some artists who I am friendly with and with whom I can work with closely to create something unique; I am also working on getting more inventory, which is a very slow process, as every single artwork on our shop has been very carefully selected; finally, I hope to do participate in another few art fairs.

As always, if you are an artist, submit your work to us, as we are always on the lookout for new talent. And if you enjoy writing, you are welcome to post on our blog.

See our blog, shop and submit your work here


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