January 27, 2023

Repose with Hannah Adamaszek at @curiousduke

Urban artist Hannah Adamaszek recently won best artist at Femme Fierce- a UK Street Art festival.  She’s now undertaking her second UK solo show, Repose, at Curious Duke Gallery.  Focusing on strong women she commences her art wielding a contemporary spray can in one hand and clutching a more traditional piece of charcoal in the other.  Well, maybe she doesn’t attack her work exactly like that but the contrast between techniques and media echo the contrast between strength and delicacy in the female subject.

Golden-Arrow-web Hannah Adamaszek

“Adamaszek says, ‘each piece was created in a certain frame of mind. A single quote is paired with each painting to further explain its meaning and the thought process. Art is not just for viewing but an experience.’”  (2012 Curious Duke Gallery).

Curious Duke Gallery clearly rate Hannah’s work as their selection criteria is quite particular.  They are an urban and surrealist space for emerging artists and they say themselves that they, “only represent artists with a constantly developing unique portfolio, a proven popular and sold body of work which have preceded their current work, with drive and passion for what they do and real gumption. We also only take on art work that is finished to the highest quality and standard.” (2012 Curious Duke Gallery).

The gallery is open 9th July- 1st August, Monday to Friday: 11:30 AM – 6:30 PM and Saturday: Midday – 4:00 PM.  173 Whitecross Street London EC1Y 8JT.  Nearest Tube: Old Street.  www.curiousdukegallery.com

9th July- 1st August 2015

By Helen Shewry

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