May 28, 2024

The All Female Ghostbusters?

Woman-o-woman. I ache for you, darling.
Man-o-man, I ache.

Gentlemen, never underestimate the strength of the opposite sex. She is cunning, she is wise, she is all things, and above all else- she will destroy you in a single breath, because of that she has my respect. She is equal and better, more wicked when bitter, more wanted when lesser, less daunted by pressure, plus better with patience and remember-remember, whether she’s quiet or gathering weather, she’s is together, wherever, whatever, and will be forever-

However, we live in an unfair life. Unfair arrangements, for both the groom, but more the bride. We live in artistic pursuits, but are blinded by those pin-striped suits. Zeros like eyes, like dollar-signs, like a cheque of full moons. Cheeky indispensable you, cash a pay-check with five and then cry, because only a million would do. O’ woe is you, is you?

Yeah the man paved it in gold, and the women at his side, is handed only a silver coin with a wink of his eye. That is not right, you know, as well as I. But what tokens we embellish to either side? How many coins must be counted before the art subsides? The role of your life, the most important of endeavours, was never measured in money, it was measured in leisure. Those treasures you treasure are never numbers on letters, they’re the leisurely hours you unfetter with pleasures.

Let your art unfold, with want and plight. Let it fill your soul with hope and light. But men, opposite is not opposing the tense, together the cry from both side of the bench. Just remember why you do what you do, there is no price on that, I hope that’s true.

So to the pin-stripes, I ask of you, take out your chequebooks and tear them in two, one for the sun and the other for the moon, because we both share a sky of stars that will out last me and you.

Controversy’s controversy, and Ghostbusters is out soon.

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