July 12, 2024

The All Female Ghostbusters?

Woman-o-woman. I ache for you, darling. Man-o-man, I ache. Gentlemen, never underestimate the strength of the opposite sex. She is cunning, she is wise, she is all things, and above all else- she will destroy […]

Caption of the Week: Contest.

According to the New York Times, Depression and Brilliance go hand in hand.  Test your creativity by captioning a still from “Rocks In My Pockets,” a funny film about depression, currently in production. There will be […]

Merry Summer Solstice!

Dark Shadows of Economic Meltdown, Global Warming and Personal Worries are waving their ugly arms at us again. Will they win? Will they grasp our warm hearts and squeeze the living juices out of them? Once […]

The ‘Art’ of Making Coffee?

  Coffee has become my indispensable item. Like many other 20 year old students I cannot function sensibly without my morning cup; always a medium white Americano, preferably from Taylors and consumed whilst sitting on […]

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