June 22, 2024

Edinburgh Festival Fringe Review – Richard Tyrone Jones’s Big Heart

Richard Tyrone Jones quite literary has a big heart, he also has a big presence on stage. A natural storyteller with a personal and affable tone, Jones has created a fringe show that is as funny as it is honest. Making use of projected animations and motion graphics, Richard delivers the true-life story of how he developed heart failure.

The performance incorporates performance poetry and storytelling, which is compelling to watch. Richard occasionally slips into poetic mode, offering snippets of his story as pure poetry. Other times he grabs the microphone and delivers performance pieces, which leap at the audience with enthusiasm and verve.

The story revolves around the diagnosis of his heart problem, how it was treated and how he came to terms with it. The diagnosis itself is delivered via an animated projection of his doctor. Here we see a loose illustration, which is animated in a paper cut out style. These visuals fit in with the tone of the show and add to the playfulness of Richards’s delivery. Jones also weaves in a creative interactive multimedia element to the show, utilising the projections. A beating heart is projected onto his chest, but this works best when we see bleeding veins as a backdrop. But the performer does not let this image linger and returns to his comedic and honest approach.

Jones is an incredibly funny performer and plays the show for laughs. He does however overuse the typical “Ginger” joke, but the audience does not seem to mind. The final poem of the evening, ‘Because…’ is a highlight and a fantastic conclusion to the show.
Richard Tyrone Jones’s Big Heart is probably the most enjoyable hour you can spend on the free fringe. A personal journey is presented and the audience empathises with Jones every step of the way.

Banshee Labyrinth
4-25 August (not 13 or 19)

Princes Mall
12, 18, 25 August

Touring UK  October – January. See website for details.

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