May 30, 2024


Eyes open to obstructed skies

Not quite scraped, but somewhat hidden

Sunlight bends and shifts

Through glass, steel, and pavement

Merged and stacked to hold our lives


Eardrums quake to the energies

Of all things near and far

Folks, creatures, and contraptions alike

In continual motion

All tending to tasks unrelated


Both above and below the asphalt

Giants clamour

Creating their own winds and tremors

Causing sleeping hairs to rise and dance

And still puddles to jolt with excitement


All senses are ensnared

By the surging crowd

Dense and chaotic

Yet somehow an unceasing play

Of life and beauty


Within this play there is

Companionship, hatred, adventure

Loneliness, freedom, romance

Victory, apathy, rage, and ambiguity

Nearly all things other than normalcy


While its cast may be enormous

It is never truly complete

Holding myriad open spaces

Open, not empty

For they do contain belonging

Each space; just large enough

To suit any character

Regardless of  traits or alliances.




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