June 13, 2024

Indie author interview: Vladimir Nicolas

How many books have you written?
I have written about twenty books, but I have only ten books that are published in Europe, Asia and America.
Do you write with pen or by computer?
Computer. I prefer to use my laptop because it is more practical for rewriting and correction my book from the draft. Sometimes, I use pen or pencil for writing ideas on my little black notebook.

Experience of the publishing process:
My first book publication titled Azrael in 2007 was self-published; It means I have paid the editor for printing my books. Then, to my great surprise, I got a traditional publishing contract in 2008 by Le Manuscrit, a French publishing company. So am I familiar with both kinds of publishing processes.
Your working process:
I like drinking a cup of coffee before starting writing. Also, during the writing process, I like drinking coffee, but when I got a writer’s block, I check my e-mails and chat with people to allow my original book idea to rise again to my consciousness. Then, I like writing in the morning. I do not know why. I suppose it’s because I just left the kingdom of dreams. Then after, I like writing in the evening, but I can stay writing till late in the night before I convince myself to go to sleep.
For inspiration, I only observe humans in society and how they treat each other. You know, I’m undergraduate student in sociology at UQAM (University of Quebec at Montreal). So I think I am doing sociology when I am writing a book or even a poem because I feel very concerned by how people live and the fate of human societies. Inevitably, I use the theories of sociology learned in the classroom for doing experimentations in some short novels.
Arthur Schopenhauer, Charles Darwin, Ludwig Feuerbach, Charles Dickens, Hegel, Karl Marx, Mary Shelley and Pierre Boulle. That list is incomplete. The influences involved in my creative writing are both literature and philosophy.
Do you use social media to promote your work? If so, how?
Yes. I often use facebook and I have fan facebook page. And also, I publish some French poems.
Advice for other Indie writers:
“Don’t give up your writing and continue to read, read and read, ancient writers, amateur writers and professional writers!”
Any tales of woe?
Except some love pains still haunting my mind, there is no other tales of woe although I am an orphan. But from that great misery in life, I have made a force: an orphan should be the builder of his worlds because he has to count to himself for finding happiness. Though disabled by his missing mom .
Favourite writing quotation:
“All great artists and thinkers [are] great workers, indefatigable not only in inventing, but also in rejecting, sifting, transforming, ordering.” The quotation from Nietzsche in his book Human, All Too Human. It expresses well my writing work: an endless work. It is a never-ending work, but it is the most meaningful in the world because all the forces of your heart and mind are involved to give birth to a polished object: a book. Moreover, seeing his written book in the hands of a reader regardless of his/her social class origin, ethnicity or religion is for any writer the happiest moment – because each book requested lots of his energy and work to be born. Thus, choosing to become a writer is to agree to turn oneself into a perpetual worker, giving birth to new worlds in each book.


Vladimir Nicolas was born on September 2, 1979 in Cap Haitien at Haiti. In the 1990s, he immigrated to Canada and in 2007, he published Azrael, his first poetry dedicated to his deceased mother, Ruth Louis, in France. Then, in 2008, the French publisher Le Manuscrit contracted him to publish his cyberpunk poetry book titled Automato et humanus. In 2011, the poetry book Renaissance, his 10th and newest book will be released for publication in United States by American Book Publishing.

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