February 26, 2024

Samuel Purdey re-release Musically Adrift

Recorded against the musical tide of Brit Pop, Samuel Purdey’s mid-90s album Musically Adrift was exactly that; right record, wrong time. A little known classic, shelved by Sony records and released only in Japan, it remains a timeless body of work.

Samuel Purdey – Brighton duo of Barney Hurley and Gavin Dodds, joined on record by amongst others Elliot Randall of Steely Dan and pianist Neil Cowley (Neil Cowley Trio) – expected their perfectly crafted love letter to AOR, soul and funk to remain an obscure rarity, until it was stumbled upon by music library obsessive Tim Love-Lee.

With expert song writing, exquisite arrangements and mind blowing musicianship at the heart of the album a nod is given to the Blue Eyed Soul and soft rock approach that aligned with their influences; Steely Dan, The Doobie Brothers, Boz Scaggs, Earth Wind & Fire and Tower Of Power.

Rediscovered, repackaged and re-mastered, the lost treasure Musically Adrift will be released on Tummy Touch on August 12th.

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