February 26, 2024

New Artist: Andrea Marini and his Mono album launch

This week, on Wednesday 28th September, Glaswegian born artist Andrea Marini will take to the stage in the city’s much-loved café/bar/concert venue/music store, Mono. This free show has been dubbed the ‘unofficial’ launch of his self-titled album.

The 9-track record has taken three years to complete and it is evident that that time was well spent. At 23 years of age this album impresses beyond the artist’s years and places him on a platform above his peers. By contrast, many young musicians nowadays are not able to plan out and spend valuable time recording an album. Consequently, records can become slapdash affairs where their releases are as quick as their albums forgettable.

Andrea Marini
Andrea Marini

Andrea Marini has benefited from steady workmanship and looks to be making his mark on the long term by producing a mature and well thought out work that could establish a lasting presence on not only the Glasgow scene but beyond. Supported by band members, Iain Waddell, Ian Stoddart and Simon Shaw, they make up a quartet that portrays seriousness as well as sublime musicianship, forming what is a highly creative and mesmerising outfit.

The album’s lyrics demonstrate the personal nature found in almost every singer/songwriter’s work, yet, there is a certain mysteriousness and anonymity conveyed that allows the listener to adopt the songs for their own.

There is a fictional and narrative-like quality to each song which lets the listener’s mind wander, allowing you to become enveloped in the complex and intriguing imagery evoked through the lyrics delivered.

As a record, it is an achievement in its quality from start to end. The tracks flow seamlessly, engaging the listener, provoking the imagination and ultimately giving the impression that this is the musical equivalent of a page-turner.

‘Andrea Marini’ is unavoidably classic in its status as a full-bodied work, a feat that highlights this artist’s aforementioned maturity and hard graft.

The Spanish beat of ‘Trains’, the subtle gospel elements of the Americana-influenced ‘Ode to Mutants’, the moody opener of ‘We Had An Agreement‘ (this links you to the recently shot music video of the track) and the Cohen-esque ‘You Don’t Know What Love Is’ combine beautifully to provide a depth to the record that avoids any sense of Andrea Marini stagnating as a one-dimensional artist. ‘White Van Man’ and the final track, ‘Untitled’ provide examples of songs that are unstoppable in rhythm and effect, lifting audiences and leaving you lusting for more.

It leaves you with the feeling and excitement that there is so much more to come from this artist in his development that will hopefully come with an increase in prospective opportunities. For now at least, audiences can more than settle for catching a free show and experiencing this live act in person.

Andrea Marini will be playing in Glasgow at Mono on 28th September from 8:30pm, supported by Adopted As Holograph. This is a free concert.

You can find out more about his music, join a mailing list and look out for up-coming gigs at his website:



Article written by Jack Bell.

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