December 7, 2023

Silent Scrutiny

I never will find comfort in this silence Where my every step is amplified No voices but stares cracked from eyelids And ears that do listen whilst their figures hide How is it possible to […]

The Man Booker Prize 2012 so far…

Every year when the longlist of Booker nominees is announced, someone in the public eye will reiterate the familiar cry, which I’ll summarise, with the confidence that year by year, it will never change: ‘The Booker Prize represents […]

I Hate a Challenge

‘Challenge’ is one of those words whose meaning has changed over the last few years. Or, to be more accurate, the implied meaning of the word has changed. My pocket Oxford Dictionary defines the word […]

How often do you see familiars?

It was 2012 when the morality of the world dissolved. It was time to change history. Are we the same people we were a few years ago?  Our cells have changed, our memory has gaps, […]

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