February 26, 2024

Great modern sculpture by Colin Dukelow

Colin left the rat race and has been cartooning for two years. He loves music, film and painting. He is currently residing east of London, his vital statistics are 33-34-40.

New Artist: Andrea Marini and his Mono album launch

This week, on Wednesday 28th September, Glaswegian born artist Andrea Marini will take to the stage in the city’s much-loved café/bar/concert venue/music store, Mono. This free show has been dubbed the ‘unofficial’ launch of his […]

Reviewing a film that will never be made by Joe Smit.

As  time  passes,  the  word  ‘creative’  in  relation  to  film  has  started  to  become  a   fallacy  of  representation:  a  description  of  intent  rather  than  a  badge  of  ability.   Filmmakers  try  to  push  boundaries […]

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