February 3, 2023

How often do you see familiars?

It was 2012 when the morality of the world dissolved. It was time to change history.

Are we the same people we were a few years ago?  Our cells have changed, our memory has gaps, our character has transformed.  But there is a chain of event. The only way to connect these chain of events though, is by giving it a name, and this name is what we perceive as the soul.  See, animals have no names. Humans may try and name them, but they can’t really understand the truths of these animals. They do have a soul? If so, it doesn’t begin, and it doesn’t end, and it is not attached to time.  So if the animals could fix things – they could go back to being familiars.


The witch, Helen had become decrepit and withdrawn.  Her magical capabilities had angered the establishment, and they had degraded and turned the people against her.  It was realised that it was a version of the modern day media.  Poisoned with an opinion which wasn’t presented with a united contribution.  They considered her magic evil?  While they were the ones brainwashing people?


Helen’s familiar inspired her to turn the round table into a compass. As a compass which would be sensitive to the under-riding, true wishes of the people and would direct the leaders in the right direction.  But would they follow it?  Was it powerful enough to remove selfishness?  Is this what magic has become today – naïve?  Is something as pure and innocent as magic capable of persuasion?

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