June 15, 2024

First Thursdays Art Walk in Laguna Beach

OCTOBER 4, 2012
Featuring Colette Standish and including wine tasting • hors d’oeuvres • music
Colette Standish is an English painter and photographer. She graduated from St Martin’s School of Art, London, and has exhibited extensively throughout Europe and America.

Colette says: I have always worked in between the realms of the abstract and the figurative. With these paintings, I wanted to show the application and the workings of both on the same plane. Images moving between the abstract and figurative, flipping between the conscious figurative and the subconscious abstract, making a home between the two. A world of mirages and often surreal imagery brought on by this constant movement.

Colette has won many prizes including: Jessop’s Photography Prize in London, 2000 and fellowship awards in New Mexico, Italy, and Spain. Her work is in many public and private collections, including the Museum of Fine Art in Santa Fe and the Anais Nin Foundation Art collection. Colette published her first art and poetry book in 2010, Viaggio: A journey through life’. Other publications include: A Cafe in Space: The Anais Nin Literary Journal Volume 8, 2011 and Volume 9, 2012, Sky Blue Press. Colette’s new paintings are based on an on going project ‘Abstracting the Figure’. Colette currently lives in San Francisco.
More information: townley.co

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