June 20, 2024

MASSMATIKS announce shock split and release all discography for free download

Indie alternative quartet MASSMATIKS sadly announced their split on the bands Facebook page last week, after cancelling all forthcoming shows. The band are pleased to reveal new single ‘Help Me’ as a thank you to all their fans. ‘Help Me’ joins the rest of the bands discography for a compilation free download via their bandcamp. 

Read the bands official statement surrounding the split below:

“Dear world,

It is with a lot of mixed emotions and a heavy heart to announce to you all that we have decided to part ways.

We have been working very hard on this band for a very long time now, and recently, the stress and financial pressure it has put on the four of us has began to come between our friendship, something more important to us than anything. We had a great run, and we can bow out with our hands held high knowing that we put everything into this band, and just because it has come to a natural end, we all learnt a huge amount and will take this forward in whichever musical projects we individually move forward with.

We wanted to say some important thank yous while we have the chance.

Firstly, to Mark, the person who has stood by the four of us through thick and thin, through all the amazing highs and some real lows, always a calming influence, we owe an unbelievable amount to you mate. To Mike, Chris and Emily at Hall Or Nothing for all their invaluable guidance and help. To Jamie, Jake and Jono, the dream team, thank you so much boys. To Alex Rawson for all his hard work for us over the last 5 years. To Rob, Si, Tom and Matt of Don Broco for giving us the best experience of our lives. To Kane, Jason P, Amy, Suzi, Pete K, Tom L, Charlie R, Dianne & Jake, Angus, William, Ant and everyone at Wilful, Steph at Domino and Rhys at Martian. To every promoter that has ever put us on a show. To every person who has ever come to a gig, bought some merch or listened to our music, you truly have given us memories that will stay with us for the rest of our lives.

We can’t say right now whether anything may happen in the future, but for now anyway, this is the end for MassMatiks.

Please accept this last tune as one final thank you to you all.

We’ll see you around,

George, Joe, Martin & Josh

Download the album compilation here
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