February 24, 2024

Free download for all readers: Ross and the Wrongen’s Summer Sun

Ross and the Wrongens
Ross and the Wrongens

Exciting news, today we have a free download for all our readers. Daylight Saving Time has ended, the days are growing shorter, and we’re all yearning for summer again. Ross and the Wrongens are a UK quintet with more than a hint of 60’s Brit pop to their sound, and we’ve got the free download of their latest single for all our readers. Summer sun aims to bring a little warmth back to the cold days and immediately conjures comparisons with The Kinks and The Monkees, its rollocking pub-piano melody and sugary vocals whipping the listener into a blissful and hazy summer smile-fest. As the track continues, the chug-a-long verses give way to a Weezer-esque guitar and banjo solo, reminiscent of that band’s simpler tracks such as ‘Island In The Sun’. It’s not ground-breaking, it’s not envelope-pushing, but it’s lovely sweet summery indie pop, and for that The Wrongens should be proud of doing something very right.

You can download the single here

Also be on the lookout for their Ep, Life in the Loo’s, in the shops now. Still want more?! Check out their performance of “That Magic Feeling” at the St. Pancras’ Train Station Sessionshttps://youtu.be/hneqC9TmTgA

Thanks to Tom Hoare.

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