February 26, 2024

Farewell Berwick, until next time…

Sunday saw the last day of the Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival and a continuation of the road movie element with screenings of Wim Wenders Alice in the Cities, Magic If Media’s Northern Flame, […]

London Design Festival: Design Exquis

Design Exquis is part of the London Design Festival and is on display at the Hoxton Hotel until 14 October. Its innovative concept is based on ‘Cadavre Exquis’, the British equivalents of which are ‘Chinese Whispers’ and […]

The Boxer

A right to the face, cheekbones are creaking, He stumbles, stutters and falls, His eyes are swollen, he’s taken a pounding, Never before in his brawls, The bell he hears ringing, sweet, brass relief, He […]

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