February 27, 2024

Ten Stars for Ten Stories by MewithoutYou

Beautifully crafted and with Aaron Weiss’ typical defining lyrical implementation, MewithoutYou’s new album entitled Ten Stories is yet another welcome step forward in the band’s progression. Despite receiving mixed reviews on their 2009 release It’s […]

A Night Well Spent

A Review of Woody Allen’s ‘Midnight in Paris‘ With its charming atmosphere, beautiful scenery, and comically lined script, Woody Allen’s ‘Midnight In Paris’ is a must see for both literary students and the general audience. […]

Album Review: Every Time I Die – Ex Lives

From its¬† hard hitting opening track of “Underwater Bimbo’s From Outer Space” to more subtle tracks such as “Revival Mode”, Every Time I Die’s latest release proves to be yet another gem for its followers. […]

Quoth The Raven

Using a blend of murder mystery, elements of the horror genre and bloody violence, The Raven tries to offer up a reason for the death of the well known poet and short story writer Edgar […]

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