June 13, 2024

Ten Stars for Ten Stories by MewithoutYou

Beautifully crafted and with Aaron Weiss’ typical defining lyrical implementation, MewithoutYou’s new album entitled Ten Stories is yet another welcome step forward in the band’s progression. Despite receiving mixed reviews on their 2009 release It’s All Crazy, It’s All False, It’s All A Dream,  MewithoutYou maintains some of its folksy style while drawing upon previous sounds found in well known titles Catch For Us The Foxes and Brother, Sister creating a collaboration that is well enjoyed by new and old fans alike.

Beginning with ‘February 1878’ the emphasis on older styles can be found, while newer sounds such as those found with ‘Elephant In The Dock’  are just as well written creating an all around sound that is unique to MewithoutYou. With catchy beats and memorable lyrics to accompany them, the tracks flow along with one another with ease, allowing the listener to enter into a state of wonder and amusement as time has not impeded the band from surprising their fans.

Easily an early qualifier for this year’s best record, Ten Stories will not leave its audience disappointed and within its eleven track framework each song brings out an element that will leave the listener hungering for more.

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