March 2, 2024

Walking in Poplar: A kinaesthetic place-ballet

Erno Goldfinger’s Balfron Tower (Home) Criss-crossing unfamiliar avenues in an at­tempt to defamiliarise my connection with my home turf; I took the long meandering way… Like a thread unravelling before me in the streets, walking in Poplar […]

(Drifting through) Our Brutal Streets

Preamble Italo Calvino illustrates the city in Cosmicomics (1968) as a multifaceted ‘cluster of crystals’ where one must walk ‘along the edge of moldings and invisible friezes, like ants … crossing a city [to] follow […]

Interview with a Night Owl: Jewellery by Holly Hyams

Jewellery designer, Holly Hyams, has created a collection that challenges the idea of preciousness by combining semi-precious stones, silver and recycled metal.  Called Jewel Ammunition and made by reshaping used rifle cartridges, these pieces aim […]

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