March 2, 2024

Wrong Jungle (True Story)

It had been a long night in Brooklyn, New York. I was out having some late-night drinks with a few friends at a bar that was much farther away from my neighborhood than I usually […]

Oxford: Dreams Inspired

-John Henry dips a toe into the warm waters of the Isis and Cherwell I once found, whilst strolling in Christchurch Meadow, a scrap of cardboard about the size of a playing card, lying discarded […]

A Muse in Obtuse Hues

  A Muse in Obtuse Hues You are a stock character, boy with matching shoes You are a free spirit with nothing to lose But turn around: on your back you’ll find a bruise Your […]

Seven: A Sinful Review

IntheRed are a Manchester based theatre company set up by actors Laura Cope and Davinia Jokhi. Their most recent production Seven was a charismatic and thought-provoking exploration of the seven deadly sins through seven pieces […]

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