July 12, 2024

Blinded by the (LED) Lights

I want to discuss a negative phenomenon that I personally experience, and know others do too. It’s not a topic that is rarely discussed, in fact it’s pretty hot as far as discussion points go […]

The Urban Forager: A Philosophy of Use

Foraging is a pursuit usually associated with the countryside. When we think of foragers, we think of adults and children standing under huge apple trees in the corner of deserted fields or next to hedges […]

Newly Born

Balancing at the edge of the concrete staring at the buildings in front of her. A rough palette of all times piercing the sky…the sky is awkwardly blue today..blue as her favorite seas Brown is […]

The Sale of Transcendence

If we look around us, it is possible to see that life is a compartmentalised into different spheres. There is a ‘work sphere’; especially geared towards efficient work, with a uniform to distinguish it from […]

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