July 12, 2024

Present Attempt on SHOW TiME

Starting from Friday 15th June, artistic collective Present Attempt invites everyone to participate in a full weekend of cross-disciplinary performances at the Rich Mix: SHOW TiME#3. We want to know more! Before starting to explore the […]

Mixing It Up – An Intergenerational perspective

How are artists coping – financially, emotionally, politically – with this gloomy economic period? How are their practices reacting to its challenges? Can an intergenerational dialogue open a route into the opacity of our time? […]

Endurance. An interview with Martin O’Brien

Martin O’Brien is a British live artist whose work focuses on physical endurance and excess. This is heavily related to him suffering from/having cystic fibrosis. His practice includes a daily regime composed of imposed medical treatments and […]

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